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일렉트로룩스 사무실 소형 냉장고 언박싱 리뷰 (feat. electrolux refrigerator 46L)

일렉트로룩스 사무실 소형 냉장고 언박싱 리뷰 (feat. electrolux refrigerator 46L)

여름을 시원하게 보내기위한 '미니냉장고' (캐리어 클라윈드 소형냉장고)

냉장고가 없는 사무실에
가성비 좋게 여름 보내기 좋다고해서 구매해봤습니다.

너무너무 좋습니다.

★ 제품명 : 캐리어 클라윈드 1도어 소형냉장고

#소형냉장고 #클라윈드냉장고 #미니냉장고
아빠의 이야기[은떵 TV] : 캬~~~ 꿀 잇템이네요 ㅎㅎ
아니요뚱인데요 : 정확한 이름을 알 수 있을까요?
또잉 : 아직도 고장 안나고 잘 쓰고 계신가요?!!??
퓨즈충 : 500ml 음료수도 들어갈수 있나요?
이우 : 2리터 생수병도 세워서 들어가나요? 사이드에?

Dometic CFX3 45 Portable Fridge Freezer 46L

Check out the Dometic CFX3 45 Portable Fridge Freezer 46L here:

For extended touring, the CFX3 45 Fridge/Freezer from Dometic is the compact and efficient unit to keep your food and drinks reliably chilled.

This unit features a powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology, heavy-duty ExoFrame construction for protection, AC, DC or solar power options, WiFi/Bluetooth control, an easy to read digital display and an upgraded USB port for charging - making it perfect for your rugged adventures.

In this video, our gear expert Kevin gives you the full rundown on the CFX3 45 Fridge/Freezer from Dometic. He starts with the outside dimensions, weight, construction, and materials. Then he chats to you about the compressor, power options, and shows you how to remove the lid and put it back on.

After that Kevin shows you the interior and what you can fit inside, how to use the control panel and finally, he explains how the battery protection system works – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Dimensions \u0026 weight
0:39 - Materials
0:49 - Dometic compressor
1:40 - Removable lid
2:00 - Inside the fridge
2:31 - Fitting bottles
2:40 - Control panel
3:23 - Battery protection
Brend Carbonati : When’s the head honcho bloke going to do a video! Come on Richard step up to the plate!
El Scruffo McScruffy : There really isn't much between the 45L and the 55L....except the price. Hoping for a sale next weekend before Easter to shave off some $$$
Annnd didn't realise the plugs are sideways, awesome for saving space!
Australian made : Not a fan of plastic
Ciara : I’d absolutely love if you did the 75dz and 95dz as well! Either separately or ideally comparing the two? Even if you just sat them side by side while looking at specifics of one and then visa versa, or just referencing the dimension differences between the two in each separate video! Hope that’s not too much to ask, thanks again for making such informative videos, really helps ensure we can all make smart purchases and know what we are getting!
kanuckster : Your videos are great! One thing, are the dimensions you state, to the outside of the handles or just the main fridge body?




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